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If you’ve ever had or witnessed a manchild moment, you’ll know just how “special” they really are. Our commercial “Doritos Manchild” is an homage to the art of ‘manchild-ism.’ We are finalists in the “Doritos Crash the Superbowl 2015″ competition, where the winning ad airs during the Superbowl telecast. We’d love your support to help us win -simply vote for “Doritos Manchild” at

You can vote once per day, per device. If you have a phone, tablet and computer, that’s 3 votes a day! Thanks for the love, and here’s to seeing a Manchild crash the superbowl.


"MANCHILD /mantʃʌɪld/ - a post pubescent adult male who exhibits child-like behaviours, such as tantrum throwing (mantrums), overly excited outbursts and manflu whining."

Oxford Dictionary Definition


Armand de Saint-Salvy

Armand de Saint-Salvy


Armand began his career as a breakfast radio host on community radio, before realizing he wanted to become a director after watching an immensely popular ’90s sitcom that combined his passions for comedy and film. Working from the glamorous office that is his bedroom in a quiet Sydney suburb, Hollywood always seemed like a distant dream. The opportunity to work in the heart of Hollywood at Universal Pictures would launch his career and allow him to pitch scripts he’s developed over the years. If he was to win the $1,000,000 prize, he would repay some people who have helped him out along the way.

Lydia Sarks

Lydia Sarks


Lydia Sarks is an Australian actor, presenter and voiceover artist. She has worked widely in television, film, theatre and radio and regularly works as an actor for Opera Australia. She stays busy writing, producing and featuring in many short films for film festivals around the globe and is currently studying French at University. She is a classically trained ballerina and a qualified Pilates teacher. She would relish the opportunity to work in Hollywood.

Mitchell Wright

Mitchell Wright


Up and coming comedic actor, Mitch Wright, has already starred in a string of TV Commercials which have seen him fighting off Zombies, doing push ups with his tongue and recently acting his age in the name of Doritos. Graduating in 2009 with a Bachelor of Acting from University, Mitch was picked up shortly after by influential Sydney agency, Eaton Management and has since forged a name for himself amongst Casting Agents, Directors and Peers alike. Currently, Mitch is working on a comedy series that will be released later this year, the future looks bright for this young actor.

"Living with a manchild takes patience, love and tolerance. My advice to wives who've married a Manchild, is to reach out to friends, you're not alone. It's nothing to be ashamed of..."

Doritos Manchild Wife

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